Sunday, 15 April 2012


Todays been a funny old day Danny Two Dinners  and I set off around tenish to catch up with Alex he has got his pipes back for the pan and had got the sissy bar made up he as fitted a foot clutch and jockey shift!!!! he,s got balls, Hot Rod Trevor was there on welding duties, i don't know why they call him that it maybe its to do with the fact he's a shit hot welder or maybe his wife calls him that?

You can see were he is going with it straight back to the 70`s man


We stuck around had a cuppa then shot back to mine to get my a10 to run it over to Rods Danny's dad he was going to sort the wiring out on it some chimp had had ago before i got it, we were leaving that and picking up Capt Kevs A10 to bring that back to mine it had been there having the dyno overhauled had another cuppa the wind was harsh today, we set of all going well got about two miles from mine and it starting back firing like a bitch pulled up and the general censuses was it had a stuck or bent valve, 

We got it on the ramp and pulled the head off and it was a bent valve we had bought some new followers for it from Ebay they were shite we had a real trouble with them ended up having two sets from the guy Effing rubbish, they weren't cheap either looks like one of them nipped up and locked the exhaust valve open, we ened up pulling the barrels and changing the offending followers out i had a valve in stock so set to and few hours and a bit swearing later it was back together

Thats that SHIT look

It was only 4pm by this time so we thought we would have look at the Shovel went down the lock up put the A10 inand  took the shovel out, it started second kick so thought fuck it, locked up and we both took off we just cain`ed it round the ring road it's a beast when it's rolling

Ran it for about 40 minutes then took it back to the lock up, stopped it but would the bitch restart Nope, so chucked it back in the lock up and took my Bobber out, called in at Boons for tea and Cheese Cake , not a bad day after all rode four differant bikes broke down on one, repaired it and had Cheese Cake
Life dont get any better


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