Sunday, 29 April 2012

Had another day at Alex`s place yesterday hanging about and getting in the way Boon and I thought we would and offer our help. WELL hang around, and make the tea

AL had the tins back from the paniter a new guy he found  thats just started up, top job quick and the right money i will be using him for the shovel. i will get his details and any links for him good old boy seems to understand whats needed

Few last minute adjustments

Tank going on Boon looking on being as helpful as ever
real nice paint job

Real arse the weather being so shite a little road test would have been quite nice coming together real nice with the jocky shift and the riding postion proper West Bay Frisco style


Had a few issues with it sucking air in sounded nice, sorted that and set the timing and its running real nice now looks on course for the tea party.

Think the Pans going to turn out real nice, just need to get the weather right to get some miles on it and on the others, Tea Party only a few weeks away now.

Still got some Stockers mugs left £10 each all the money is going to Sobell House Hospice a friend of ours passed away there from bone cancer few days after Christmas, we just want to give somthing to help them its run all on charity, if you want one add a comment and i will get in touch i can take paypal as payment.


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