Saturday, 21 January 2012

Been a funny old week had real bad cold a friends step mum died suddenly. Had to go to a freinds funeral Friday  i didnt know him very well but he had been on loads of rides with us and was mate of Dibbles so was one of our little group he died of bone cancer fought it for two years he left a 12 year old son very sad we went on the bikes to the Service i think he would of liked it we asked the family first, it sure wakes you up and make you think that its all over to quick, so you need to look after each other and make the most of it whatever your dreams are.

On a lighter note my Bob Newby belt drive came for the BSA. Wow what a great bit of kit. Cant wait to get it fitted ot the  A10 then  to finish and the effing shovel first.

Funny old thing life??