Sunday, 18 March 2012

Got out on Saturday with Danny and Al and Adie tripped into Oxford and over to Ed`s good to see  him again, we talked Norton for a bit then  settled in a pub in town then  had a tear up back home cold but a good ride out nice to give the bikes some legs Danny two Dinners was on his Tribsa did fucking well keeping up, only one bit fell off this time a tappet cover came off hit me in the chest, though i had been shot, last time out on the way back from the English Rose at midnight the chain came off and nearley took my head off, i am not riding behind him anymore fucking bikes out to get me!!!
Eddie Stocker after a night out with us

Had a good day today  Sunday Dibble had got the shovel running Al took it for a spin round the block needs a little tickle here and there but hauls well, got some grunt 1440 stroker.. Will be nice to get some miles on it


Good to get the shovel running been dorment for nearly a year with one thing and another need the weather.