Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Capt Kevs A10

It needs a rebore valves and guides and check out the forks!!

bent and no oil!!! and he rode that to the Hay Ride what a dude

Capt Kev

Monday, 21 November 2011


They say good things come to those who wait! Well I waited two years for this to happen it blew up on the way back from The hot Rod Hayride 2009. I then took ill and it took two years to get back on track,
Engine went of to SRM total rebuild balanced crank roller bearing conversion high flow oil pump bored new race con rods pistons head lead free conversion
you name it it had it.

things got a little crowded with the shovel breaking down as well
me and Danny Two Dinners got it round to his shed got it up on his table

finally got it of the bench

Took a break and went to the Hot Rod Hayride
with the Stocker boys Eddie, Leighton, Danny Two Dinners, Al, George and Boon Trev and Capt Kev, great weekend

Cant thank Danny enough for his help on this he is a real mate
On The road at last two years in the shed

DANNY STOCKERS Tribsa hows that Johnny Cash song go "built it one peice at a time" and most of it was other peoples!!!

Says it all really


                 Dibbles Indian the nuts

My Sporty and Shovel

Boon`s A65
My Sweet A10

Both at the Hot Rod this year