Saturday, 18 February 2012

Got the cases back Roger did a great job just waiting on the some more spacers for the front pully, the pully has some  movment no the shaft front to back about 2 to 4 mm Bob Newbey has been great going to turn me a couple of new ones up, the kit he sent is for a BSA A10 also for some reason the front pully is catching the outter housing so we are making up a 8mm spacer to give it enough room.

He say`s he has never had it before i cant see that the crank rod end is any longer than normal, so kinda stuck at the moment was hoping to have it all done and back on the road today but the spacers havent turned up fucking postal service like living in a third world country.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

We were invaded last night by the screaming two stoke demons, Boons Night Riders Two Stoke Menace like vampires only come out after dark and like magicians fucking disappear when there is work to be done.

Evil Knevil
Spot the difference


Boon's MZ Night Riders Stunt Team

Scary stuff