Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Did another few hours on Capt Kev`s A10 last night  got the followers sorted we had to take a few thou of each of the outters it was the second set we had from the supplier dont know why thay are so hard to get hold off, meant to be British made total crap!!

Danny had refitted the Barrels i got the rocker box sorted and ready to go back on.

We have also sorted out the front end Kev hasnt had the bike long and with him being away fighting for Queen and Country he hasnt had time to sort it who ever had it before him had put the wrong size tyre on the front and put it on back to front Dan had a tyre that was better than what was on there so we put that on and hopfully we will get the front end back togther this week

the whole thing needs a rewire sombody had wired it using household flex!!!!

bit of retro rubbish

Took my BSA  Bobber case`s to the Roger the guy whos going to machine them down for me so the Newbey belt drive  is exposed great bloke understood the job staight away, looking forward to getting that back together and giving it a spin out thats if we dont all freeze to death first.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Started on fitting the Bob Newby belt drive today no dramas getting the clutch off and the engine sprocket they have only been on a few months so everything came way quite cleanly.
have decided to cut away the back chain case as well just leaving the front and enough to mount a cut down outer case at the front.

Got they idea from a Bobber in Greasy Kulture issue 08 Clay Rathburns 58 A10

Clays 58 A10

Cases being profiled on Wednesday then get it back together, the Newby belt drive is the nuts and the guys really helpful when you ring up quite happy to offer his advice and wisdom.