Thursday, 12 July 2012

Took the Iron-head out today didn't get to far before it pissed down so took shelter at Danny two Dinners place

Danny was working on putting this nice little toy back together, nice to have that in the stable...

wouldn't want to bump start it every time 

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Went down to Pappy's on Saturday  to pick up my helmet Pappy (Keith Baker) had put a post on the VelocityShack web site that he was willing to spray helmets for any members that want it doing the brief is its for free but you get what he wants to do, he talks to you to get a background on you.

He has done some quality work over the years his work is second to none check out his site

Al and I had a great day he is such an easy guy to talk to we spent 5 hours at his home workshop with him and his lovely wife karen.

The photos don't do the work justice i shall be using it everyday once God lets us out to play again... Effing weather, if you want any custom paint work doing he is the man check out his site.