Friday, 13 April 2012

Been working on getting the shovel running its been at my mate Dibbles Auto Shop he has re-timed it and set it up, he said he is glad to see the fuckling back of it, he has two himself? bit unfair....seems to run sweet  just wont start when hot, hoping to get a ride in on sunday i think it needs a long run its been sat two years , going to be cool as..

                Also got some original Spitfire pipes of EvilBay will just finish the BSA Bobber off a treat.


Gonna catch up with Alex at the weekend as well get some more shots of his Pan build will be good to see that comong together, Danny Two Dinners is the spanner man for Sunday

Stockers mugs still got a few get your orders in for them all proceeds going to Sobell House Hopsice

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  1. get her out and give her black heart a spanking, just dont stop -hhaahahaah