Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Quick engine change

Sunday popped down to Dib,s unit to see him and found him and Al with another mate of ours Nick taking an engine out of his FXR and putting a RevTec motor Nick just happened to have spare? well you do don't you. inner tube spark plugs revtec 100 engine...

His FXR has been playing up and they couldn't track it down its  been apart a few times, so Nick thought they would change it out we may be going to France in a few weeks for a long weekend, tell you what these boys could get a job as pit crew mind you good job i was there!!!! some fucker had to make the tea!

After a while i had to leave them to it but spoke to Al later and he said all sorted and back on the road should think it will fly with hat motor in.. might have to nic it for my shovel

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