Thursday, 1 March 2012

Got all the parts back at last a few nights ago, spacers cover and stuff got the belt drive locked down about 9pm fired up the bike everything looks sweet belt running true just need to get the time and get out on it hopefully at the weekend we want to give kev's A10 a good run as well, but looks like the weather is going to be shite,

Went to the bike show at Alexandra Palace on Sunday to the Back Street Heroes bike show was a good day out some nice rides normal amount of cookie cutters very nice but not my type of thing some really nice pans and a few british iron which is real nice to see, Harley's are cool i own two but its good to see the british stuff coming in, to many triumphs, other makes are available!!

Tried to blag a copy of Back Street Heroes cause my bikes in it this month but had to buy it  issue 336

Had a few more trips round the show and thought about lunch
We then shot over to the Ace Cafe on the way home for a beer and chips its was rammed the good weather had bought a few out some nice A65's turned up and a Tbird lovely stuff

Had a real good day.

Would you buy a second hand motorcycle from these men???

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