Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Another day in the saddle took the BSA Build out on a test ride with Danny Two Dinners took my other standard A10 as a sort of before and after, had a few miss fires, farts andf bangs, Dan sorted it quickly the needle wasnt sitting right brand new carb, bit of roadside fiddling and she was flying, it really wants to run have a real job being sensible until its run in nothing broke or fell off so another good day, its really turned out well, just praying for a few more dry days.

We took a detour on the way home to see our mate Boon he has a great shed and good coffee he had a problem somthing was missing from his A65 Cafe Racer but he couldnt work it out ?? see the photo below.

Boon has a top Shed full of loads of things of wonder and joy
Danny Two Dinners and his Dad
The School run was fun back then.
Is that a Triumph lurking there waiting on build??

Boon on a test ride didnt say it was
rubbish so it must have been good

The Thinker???


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